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Designed for companies needing a simple time and attendance system, the HandPunch 2000 features:
  • Two programmable function keys
  • Red/green light indicator
  • Saves money over card-based systems
  • Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Eliminates badges
  • Eliminates buddy punching

Recognition Systems, Inc. now brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach of most time and attendance applications. In operations that range from coal mines to clean rooms, RSI systems have proven themselves to be a practical and precise solution. Their terminals are so affordable, it doesn't make sense to consider any other technology.

Smarter than card-based terminals
There are no cards to create, administer, carry -- or lose. The HandPunch verifies employees' identities in less than one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands. HandPunch clearly notifies each user of a match using red and green indicator lights. Because no one can punch in or out for your employees, the system reduces time theft and improves payroll accuracy.

Versatile and Programmable
Beyond a simple time clock, the HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) provides definable function keys that allow data collection when employees punch. The system transmits data to the time and attendance host PC through a variety of options.

When you want to cut time and attendance costs...do it by hand.

Hand Geometry Technology

The HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) uses RSI's field-proven hand geometry biometric technology. The terminal captures a three-dimensional image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand's size and the shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized. Green and red lights notify the employee of the status of each punch. There's no question any more; employees have to be there to punch.

Small Enterprise Solution
The HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) provides a new solution for companies with 500 employees or less per terminal or location.  The HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) terminal allows for collection of in and out punches plus allows easy connectivity to the CompuTime101 time and attendance software.  With the HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) small companies no longer need to worry about lost timecards, making new cards, or employees punching for another employee.

Programmable Function Keys
The HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) has two user-definable function keys that let you collect data as employees punch. Common uses include department transfers, tips collected, job codes, or pay codes. Multi-level data entry sequences may be defined. You can also set the function keys to allow employees to review their past punches. To reduce keystrokes, the keys can also be set to automatically enter data such as a frequently used department number or in/out status.

Communication Options
The HandPunch 2000 (HP2000) connects quickly to the time and attendance PC via a provided 50-foot RS-232 communications cable. An optional dialup modem for remote sites.  


Eliminates buddy punching and time fraud
Eliminates the expense and hassles of badges and card-based systems
Reduces payroll costs
Ensures employees’ data are secure
Installs quickly and is easy to use

Verifies employees’ identities in less than a second
Stores up to 512 identities
Allows for the collection of in and out punches
Easily integrates into existing network infrastructures
Connects quickly to the time and attendance PC
Two user-definable data management keys
No fingerprints or palm prints used
Green and red status light for each punch
Platen also comes standard with a printed hand outline to ensure accurate hand placement while punching

Verification time – Less than 1 second
User capacity – 512 users
Transaction storage – 5120 transactions
Memory retention – Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
ID number length – 1 to 10 digits from keypad
Template size – 9 bytes
Communications – RS-232, 50’foot cable (included)
Power supply – 12 to 24 VDC OR 12 to 24VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption – 7 watts
Ambient Temperature – 14°F – 113°F (-10°C - 60°C)
Humidity Temperature – 5% - 85% (no condensation)
Dimensions 11.65”H x 8.85 W x 8.55”D (176 H mm x 158 W mm x 153 D mm)
Weight –6 lbs. (2.7kg)

HandPunch 2000 Brochure

HandPunch 2000 Manual

  • Easy Setup + 90 Days FREE Setup Support
  • 100 Employee Capacity (Upgrade to 250 or Unlimited)
  • Password Protection
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly Pay Periods
  • Report By Pay Period or Custom Date Range
  • Unlimited Punches Per Day
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Daily and Weekly Overtime Calculation
  • Add Benefit Hours Such As Sick, Vacation, Personal, etc...
  • Shift Rule Allows:
    • In and Out Revision Zone To Control Unauthorized Overtime
    • Punch Rounding
    • Automatic Lunch Deduction
  • Easily Add or Correct Punches
  • Auto Poll Included - Download Punches On Your schedule
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Manage Multiple Clocks With One Software
  • Manage Employee Hand Templates (HandPunch Terminals)
  • Filter Reports By Employee or Department
  • Filter Reports By Individual Clock Site
  • Color Coded Reports for Easy Viewing
  • Reports For Added/Edited and Deleted Punches
  • Gross Wage Calculations
  • Updates Available For Download - Free
  • Numerous Detailed Reports
  • Numerous Payroll Exports, Including QuickBooks

  • Accessories

    1 year software support agreement includes unlimited phone and e-mail support.
    Select Number of Employees Upgrade: 
    Install the CompuTime101 software on multiple computers and share the data. Setup multiple user names and passwords to track which user made punch corrections. Assign user rights to restrict access to features such as wages or punch editing.
    Collect a user entered code at the terminal. You define the codes, ranging from 1-9 digits (8 digits max with the HandPunch clock). Codes can be used to track departments, jobs, etc... Detail and summary reports are available and can be filtered by code number.

    Each employee can have a different shift and shifts can be assigned by day (such as shift 1 Monday-Thursday, shift 3 on Friday). Shift rules include the following features:
  • Revision Zones (9 in and 9 out zones) - Control unauthorized overtime by not calculating time before and after defined shift times. A supervisor can override a revision zone at any time on a case by case basis.
  • Punch Rounding - Round punches to a quarter hour with flexible break points. You can be as strict or lenient as you want and round in punches different than out punches. In addition, you can specify 2 exempt zones during which time punches are not rounded.
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction (2 levels) - Automatically deduct lunch based on continuous hours worked with the ability to set a larger deduction for longer shifts.
  • Paid and Unpaid Break - Qualify breaks based on duration to be paid or unpaid. You can also enforce a minimum deduction for employees that punch out for less time than required.
  • Overtime Override - Set custom overtime levels for employees that are subject to different levels than the rest of the company. This feature also allows you to apply overtime rates to an entire day, such as all Sunday hours are overtime.
  • Enhanced Early/Late Tracking - Each shift can have times defined to determine if an employee arrived early, arrived late, left early, or left late. In addition, the enhanced report will flag all early/late punches and provide a count of occurrences for each item.
  • Daily Hour Budgets - Track expected versus actual hours for each shift to help identify wasted labor hours.
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